Monday, April 13, 2020

Marmoset Toolbag materials

I'm learning to use Marmoset Toolbag, which is a product that makes nice renders of models. It has the capability to do big fancy scene renders--for someone who isn't me--but I use it because it is great for making a turntable render of an object.  So it's a nice way to show off a single piece. I have a lot of individual props in my portfolio and I want to be able to show them to people so I can explain what this "3D" thing is that I spend so much time on! 

It's a great app, but it doesn't come with a nice set of default materials, which is annoying. It can import all kinds of materials but I want to have a basic library that I can drop onto things quickly without a lot of messing around.  I usually buy this sort of thing on Gumroad, but I wasn't able to find anything specifically for Marmoset until now - Poligone has a new set out that's got 9 very nice materials in it. If you're looking for Marmoset materials, check it out - the indie license is $4.99

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