Monday, July 27, 2020

Coloring Page - Wen Qing from The Untamed

I'm determined to improve my drawing in 2020.  To that end I got a set of brush pens and am learning to use them.

This is a simple portrait of Wen Qing from The Untamed, done with Sakura Pigma brush pens.  I've colored it a couple of times and I'm not very satisfied with either result. For the first attempt I printed it on, wow, totally the wrong paper, and colored with Copic markers. I need a paper that doesn't suck up the ink so much - this was on ordinary card stock. For the second attempt I used photoshop but I was kind of out of steam at that point, so I didn't spend a lot of time on it. Meh.

So I figured I'd make it into a free coloring page in case someone else would like to give it a try. Here's the link for the PDF, which includes a page with sharing permissions and restrictions (basically, if you color it, you can share, but not sell).

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