Free stuff for Poser and Daz Studio


Tutorials have their own page over here. Newest: creating custom material areas in DS4 and Poser.


Second skins for V4 and Genesis Female.

Everything below this line is REALLY old....2005 or earlier

Dolly for Kiki

Victorian Doll Character (CR2 and Textures) for Kiki by Lady Littlefox (for sale at DAZ). Includes doll stand & cradle props with textures.

Hair and Clothes not included; see Readme for details

Free for commercial and personal use; redistribution not permitted.

DOWNLOAD 2.1mb file

Fly Girl Mules for Stephanie Petite

Conforming figure figure for Stephanie Petite. Includes texture and template.

Free for commercial and personal use; redistribution not permitted.

DOWNLOAD 3.36mb file


Matches my five-buck Fly Girl Wardrobe for Stephanie Petite

Teen Undies for PT Girl (The first girl, not Laura)

Conforming figure, Textures and MAT files

This conforming Bra and Panty set fits the original PT Girl (from DAZ) and includes full-body morphs for the characters Azha, Danika, Daisy, Lilo, and Lisha by Thorne and Sarsa. Five different textures are included.

Free for commercial and personal use; redistribution not permitted.

DOWNLOAD 3mb file

EZPose Octopus

EZPose conversion for Octopus figure from DAZ3d.

Ok for professional images.

I keep my octo in a characters folder called "Animals-Water" so it will unzip there if you let it choose the path.

DOWNLOAD 63kb file

Several Items for Kalypso figure from DAZ3d

Rowan Character and Texture

Ok for professional use.

Morph may be used to create your own free or for-sale morphs...permission details in readme.

DOWNLOAD 3.51mb file

Staale Texture Conversion

Staale's free p4 woman texture, adapted (with permission) for Kalypso from Daz3d.

Does not include Rowan can download that on the Rowan page.

DOWNLOAD 3.07mb file

Conforming Boots with Textures

Note: "Drop to Floor" function may cause problems for P4 users w/o propack. See readme for details.

DOWNLOAD 1.05mb file

Conforming Dress W/Morphing Skirt. Includes Textures

Conforming Dress with morphing skirt for Rowan/Kalypso. Includes textures

DOWNLOAD 3.36mb file

Hair Fit Files for Rowan Character

For DAZ short gel hair and blunt cut hair.

These will not fit the hair to the default Kalypso head, which is a different shape.

DOWNLOAD 1.28mb file

Braids for Vicky 1 Flip Hair from DAZ (the really, really old Flip Hair)

Braids texture/trans/bump for Vicky Flip Hair style from DAZ

Note: This is pretty much the first texture I ever made. Quality is so-so.

DOWNLOAD 1.40mb file

Brendan texture set for Michael 1 from DAZ

Head & Body texture for Michael figure from DAZ.

Another oldie, low-rezzy, not so goodie. Some people like it though. Kind of a companion to my "Dierdre" texture (still on sale at DAZ after all these years, believe it or not)


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